PawPoint is a pet media sharing platform that connects to an Internet of Things personalised pet collar. Features include logins, personal profiles, image uploads, location tracking, virtual fence and custom LED personalisation.

PawPoint Logo

PawPoint was created for University module 'Netscapes' with me and two others. Within the team I took on the roles of front-end and hardware designer and developer. For the hardware development I used an Arduino MKRGSM 1400 which was stored inside a custom 3D printed box. For the web application I used Bootstrap, lightbox and

Pawpoint Laptop Mockup and picture of collar lighting up
Tech Used:

Arduino MKRGSM 1400, LED Strip, Bootstrap, Node.js, Handlebars.js,, Express, MQTT, Passport, Mongoose, GeoLib and more

PawPoint device mockup

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