Watch Your Wearables

Watch Your Wearables is an experimental project looking into the vulnerabilities of Wearable Technology and how susceptible we are to their risks. Created for my Final Year Project for University, Watch Your Wearables received a first class mark.

Typewriter animation of Watch Your Wearables, taken from the landing page of the web app

Watch Your Wearables consists of a web application and a digital lanyard. The digital lanyard uses an Arduino Nano IoT and a GPS module to unknowingly expose the wearer's location and publish it online to a Google Maps API on the application. The Web application also feeds back into the device, allowing strangers to upload custom unfiltered messages to the user.

Tech Used:

Arduino Nano IoT, GPS module, WiFi Nina, ILI9341 SPI TFT LCD Display, MQTT, Node.js, Express,

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